Vicoustic introduce VicPattern

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Vicoustic introduce VicPattern

Acoustic Treatment for Walls and Ceilings with seamless custom designs

At infocomm MEA Dubai (booth TA-104) Vicoustic presents the new VicPattern line of acoustic panels for the catering industries, conference rooms, general public or office spaces that require good acoustics for proper communication. Apart from the exquisite acoustical features that offers up to 10 times more absorption than standard tiles VicPattern stands out in terms of design and versatility, easy installation and its stunning seamless structure that shows no gaps between the panels using the patented ViClip Technology.

The innovative VicPattern is the first panel of a new range of acoustic products with a bold and distinct design, an ideal solution for wall and continuous ceilings applications and also usable as a decorative object.

Various material options available

Made from Fire Rated High Density MDF, Fabrics and different types of foam, the VicPattern acoustic panel offers extremely good performance at absorbing high and medium frequencies regardless if it is fixed using the proprietary clip wood technology or any other customized fixation system, that may be applicable.

In this pictured example here the geometrical and oriental design, with ball fabric and golden wood, was inspired by the Arab mathematics and symmetry of nature providing this panel a pleasant, proportional and luxurious look. The first range of designs focus on the arab markets, using patterns exclusively designed for Vicoustic by the well-known Lebanese company 21dB. More styles will follow over the next months.

The VicPattern seamless wall and ceiling panels are available from November 2015

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