Automatic Door Bottom Seal (High Performance)


A heavy duty, automatic door bottom seal designed for high performance acoustic door systems. This seal can be face-fixed , semi-rebated or fully mortised into the bottom edge of single action doors. The seal has a spring loaded mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor, in a parallel motion, as soon as the door is opened. Pressure against the door jamb on the adjustable brass strike button operates the seal automatically.

Face-fixed: The seal is fixed to the face of the door bottom using the long fixing screws provided. (see detailed fitting instructions). A set of glass-filled, nylon end plates ensure longevity of the seal mechanism.

Semi-rebated: When the seal is to be semi-rebated, the seal is mounted into a stepped rebate: a 44mm deep x 21mm wide machined groove on the side of the door to which the seal will be positioned. The seal can be screw-fixed into position and fitted with the castaluminium end plates provided.

Fully-mortised: When the seal is to be fully-mortised, the seal is mounted into a 44mm deep x 21mm wide machined groove and screwfixed back into the door stiles via the cast-aluminium end plates, holding the seal in place.

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Product Description

 Gap Size

  • Min. 6mm / max. 15mm

 Standard Lengths

  • 420mm
  • 520mm
  • 610mm
  • 820mm
  • 920mm
  • 1070mm
  • 1220mm
  • 1500mm

 Maximum Allowable Cut-Back Size

  • 420mm seal cuts to 275mm
  • 520mm seal cuts to 420mm
  • 610mm seal cuts to 520mm
  • 820mm seal cuts to 610mm
  • 920mm seal cuts to 820mm
  • 1070mm seal cuts to 920mm
  • 1220mm seal cuts to 1070mm
  • 1500mm seal cuts to 1220mm

(*Seals can be cut on site for exact dimension)

 Standard Colors

  • Silver anodised aluminium with grey nylon or cast-aluminium end plates and grey silicone gasket

(Black nylon or cast-aluminium end plates and black silicone gaskets also available upon request)


  • Fire tested to AS1530 Part 4 in accordance with AS1905 Part 1
  • UL Certifications GVYI.R26629, GVWZ.R26629, GVWZ7.R26629
  • Medium temperature smoke leakage approvals to AS1530 Part 7 available on proprietary door assemblies
  • Conforms with NCC Specification C3.4 smoke sealing requirements
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 and ISO10140-2
  • Durability tests demonstrating over 1,000,000 open and close cycles

Additional Information

Door Bottom Seal Length

1070mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 610mm, 820mm, 920mm


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